Making the decision to travel solo can bring a range of different emotions. It can be exciting but it can also bring up some anxiety. Can I do this? Will it be lonely? Is it safe? What things do I need to consider?

Having freedom is part of the draw-card for solo travel. But there are some elements worth pre-planning which will help put your mind at ease.

We have put together a list of the top 5 things to consider when it comes to planning your itinerary.

Plan for daytime arrivals

For solo travellers, we always recommend booking daytime arrivals when landing in a new city. It is much easier to navigate a new city during the day and it is safer too. Arriving during the day gives you a little time to explore your surroundings and grab a bite to eat. This can help ease any anxieties. You will rest easy feeling familiar with your surroundings.

Book arrival transfers

For a little peace of mind, consider pre-booking an arrival transfer if you are in a new destination. Taxis may be busy or difficult to find, or you may be unfamiliar with their meter systems and the local currency. Pre-booking means you will have a driver that you know is safe to meet you and get you to your first hotel. Plus there will be no surprises when it comes to the price.

Choosing your accommodation

It can be easy to get caught up in the pretty pictures or prices online. But for solo travellers, we recommend researching what lies beyond the hotel. Do some research into what area the hotel is in. How safe is it at night? Are there options close by or within the hotel for dinner? Are there good transport connections or will you have to rely on taxis? A little planning will help ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Consider booking day tours

Even if you like the freedom of planning your days on the run it can be helpful to book a half or full-day tour on your first day. By doing so you will become familiar with your surroundings and see exactly what there is on offer. It also gives you a chance to hear from a local guide. You can learn a lot about where you are, the local customs and way of life. You will also get expert tips about your destination to enhance your stay.

Evening activities

The evenings can often be a difficult or lonely time when you are travelling solo. You may not feel comfortable dining alone in a restaurant or venturing out after dark. But you also don’t want to be stuck back in your hotel room alone. There are some great options to avoid this. Book a group dining experience, take in an evening city sights tour or book a group tour option for a show.

With careful planning your solo travel can go from good to amazing! There are a lot of things to consider but it’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. We are here to help. SoloMade is your solo travel specialist. Providing you with the latest information on products and trends for solo travel. With expert advice on the best value deals with low, or no single-supplement options. We’re here to tailor the perfect trip, whatever your travel style may be.

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