Result – The Wanderluster

The Wanderluster

Friend, you want to travel right? Perhaps you’re new to travelling, or you’ve done a bit of travelling in the past but always with others.

Now you’re tired of waiting for others and are considering solo travel. You just don’t know where to start! You want to feel confident and safe when travelling … but your worries are getting in the way.

You’ve thought about going solo but don’t know how you’ll cope. What if you need help? Who do you ask? What if they don’t speak your language? What do you do with your things when you need to use a restroom? Will I be lonely?

You’ve looked at tours but feel anxious about being alone in a big group. Perhaps you worry about being the only solo traveller amongst a sea of couples. Or being overshadowed by more dominant personalities.

So many thought patterns!

You daydream over the trips you want to take but never seem to find the confidence to hit the book now button. Perhaps you’re a little shy even though you really do love being around people…

Now is the time to stop dreaming and start travelling. You just might surprise yourself and find yourself at ease!

Three tips to build your confidence to travel solo?

Read on, friend…

1. Start small

Your first trip doesn’t have to be an epic adventure in a foreign land. Start small. Take yourself on a weekend road trip or getaway.

Test out some common solo travel experiences. See which ones you enjoy and which make you squirm. Book a table for one for dinner at a local restaurant. Book a day tour or experience to see what it’s like joining a group.

2. Try a short small group tour.

Look for a short-style itinerary in a small group. The chances are a big group is not going to be your thing. Look for options with just a few nights and no more than 12 guests. Why? More than 12 tends to take a lot longer to get to know your travel companions and gain that level of comfort.

Look for trips with a specific niche where you’re more likely to have common interests. This will ensure you’ll be amongst like-minded people.

A hiking weekend? A food and wine weekend? Whatever it is, having the shared interest makes the conversations flow easier and you’ll feel like you’re amongst friends in no time.

3. Start with culturally similar destinations

Ready to attempt the big solo trip? Great.

My tip – if it’s your first time going solo I’d suggest choosing a destination with some shared cultural norms.

With commonalities in language, currency, lifestyle or etiquette, it means you can reduce some of the overwhelm. You’ll be able to relax as you learn the art of solo travelling and spend more time enjoying your destination.

About me

Hey, there 👋 I’m Alyssa

I’m the founder of SoloMade. I love solo travelling. It offers you the freedom to explore the world your way. As a lifelong traveller myself, I’ve covered many corners of the globe.

I began solo travelling early in my 20s. Solo travel back then meant jumping on a tour or staying in hostels as a way to meet new people. But as we hit our 40s (and beyond!), our travel style evolves. As life and work get busy, our holidays become even more important. We no longer want to stay in hostels to meet people, but staying in a hotel alone can feel isolating. It’s nice to have people to dine with or explore those off-the-beaten-track places.

And so… SoloMade was born. With 23 years of travel industry experience, I help solo travellers (just like you) explore the world. Whether that be heading off independently or joining one of our small group hosted journeys.

There’s no need to wait for your friends and family to explore the world.

Together we’ll develop a travel plan that aligns with your unique needs! I’ll be there for you every step of the way. And you can feel secure knowing that I’ll be available 24/7 for emergency assistance when you’re away.

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