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Soulful Wanderer

You love to travel solo and explore the world your own way. You’re confident and independent but consider yourself to be somewhat of an introvert. You’re happy to be lost in your own world as you explore a new destination. Wandering the backstreets and absorbing your surroundings.

You don’t usually join group tours as the thought of being locked in to spend time with people doesn’t sit well with your travel vibe. However, there are still times when you think it would be nice to have some company. Dinner alone night after night can be isolating. And you’d really love to tell someone about the amazing things you discovered that day.

You’ve got a true passion for travel. You’ll go just about anywhere and try anything. But, you’re also aware that as a solo traveller your safety is paramount. You know that there are times when having the company of others and the safety of a guide just makes sense. Like exploring those off-the-beaten-track places or when there are big cultural or language barriers.

Heck, maybe you’ve even skipped some amazing places before this reason?

But there’s always room to try something new. A group tour may be what you need to get to some of those more diverse places on your bucket list.

As an introvert, there are a few things to look for when choosing a tour

Read on, friend…

1. Be specific

As an introvert, the thought of being confronted with a large group of people to suddenly meet on day 1 of your holiday can be enough to raise the blood pressure. But, not all tours are made equal.

If you choose a specific type of travel you want to do you’re going to find you’re mixing with like-minded people with a common interest. Hiking? Wellness? Gourmet? There are many options to choose from.

Worried about being the only solo traveller amongst all couples? Then a tour that is dedicated to solo travellers is likely to be more your style. Then there’s no need to worry about ever feeling like the third wheel.

Having common interests from the outset gives an instant conversation point and can ease those first day nerves and awkwardness.

2. Small group tours

The suggestion of a group tour may have previously had you envisage traipsing around town with 45 other people. Trying to hear what the guide is saying, or waiting for inevitable latecomers after each rest stop. Gross, right?

But, have you ever started looking at a “small-group” tour only to be surprised by the actual number of guests?

Of course, it’s a matter of perspective as to what classifies as small. But, I want you to know that there are options out there. A small group where it feels less like a tour and more like you’re travelling with a few friends is likely more your style. Reverse the way your search for travel options. Choose what size you might be comfortable with and start your search from there.

3. Look for flexible options

Flexibility and freedom are going to be vital to ensure you don’t feel too enclosed on tour.

Look for tours that offer a balance of included experiences and your own leisure time so you don’t feel too restricted.

Look for days that are not too jam-packed. Companies that offer a balance of included experiences and your own leisure time. After all, there is nothing worse for you than feeling like you’re living in each other’s pockets all day and night.

And make sure you have your own room. Having your own space to retreat to will help give you the independence you need.

About me

Hey, there 👋 I’m Alyssa

I’m the founder of SoloMade. I love solo travelling. It offers you the freedom to explore the world your way. As a lifelong traveller myself, I’ve covered many corners of the globe.

I began solo travelling early in my 20s. Solo travel back then meant jumping on a tour or staying in hostels as a way to meet new people. But as we hit our 40s (and beyond!), our travel style evolves. As life and work get busy, our holidays become even more important. We no longer want to stay in hostels to meet people, but staying in a hotel alone can feel isolating. It’s nice to have people to dine with or explore those off-the-beaten-track places.

And so… SoloMade was born. With 23 years of travel industry experience, I help solo travellers (just like you) explore the world. Whether that be heading off independently or joining one of our small group hosted journeys.

There’s no need to wait for your friends and family to explore the world.

Together we’ll develop a travel plan that aligns with your unique needs! I’ll be there for you every step of the way. And you can feel secure knowing that I’ll be available 24/7 for emergency assistance when you’re away.

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