Bespoke small group adventures for solo travellers

Are you tired of putting off your travel dreams because you don’t have anyone to go with?

Have you looked at tours but worried about being the only solo amongst a sea of couples?

Welcome! If you have a thirst for adventure but love a touch of luxe, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our small-group hosted journeys are couple-free zones, packed with epic adventures and delicious food. We provide boutique and unique experiences, with a balance of tours and your own leisure time. You’ll stay in deluxe accommodation, and always have your own room.

Don’t wait for your friends and family to explore the world. Indulge your wanderlust with Solo Luxe.

A couple-free zone

No need to worry about being the only solo among a sea of couples. Our tours are custom-designed for solo travellers, assuring that you’ll be travelling with like-minded individuals.

Single man or solo lady? Our groups cater for all genders. You don’t need to be single, but it’s a solo adventure. While age is no barrier, our trips are best suited to professionals over the age of 40.

Boutique & Unique

Travel is so much more than ticking off the main sites. We want you to enjoy the most enriching travel experiences. With us, you’ll meet the people, taste the food and have fun experiencing everything there is to offer! We want you to fall in love with every destination we visit. Our deluxe accommodation reflects the location you’re exploring, too.

Your own room Always

It’s nice to have company when travelling but let’s be honest – we all need a little bit of personal space. You’ll have your own room to relax , make phone calls and best of all – no need to worry about someone else’s snoring! With Solo Luxe, we guarantee you will have your own room, always. And we don’t charge you extra to have your own room. It’s just part of the design.


Your safety is our priority. Solo travelling can be daunting. If you’re going it alone, the reality is you may miss out on some amazing experiences or destinations. Our hosted small group experiences always use a local guide. This gives you peace of mind that you’ll have the most up to date information and safety measures in place. Plus, you’ll have added support and company of your fellow travellers.

Small Groups

Our group sizes vary depending on the destination but will never exceed 16 guests. So, you’ll spend less time waiting for people and more time enjoying your destination.


We have a range unique small-group advenutres in destinations around the globe. We're always adding new small-group tours, so whether you're looking to explore an off-the-beaten track locations like Georgia, or stay closer to home with a gourmet escape to the Margaret River, we've got you covered. Or, if you want us to create an advenutre just for you, get in touch.

NZ Thumb

Exotic India

14 – 28 March 2024 
Includes Holi Festival
Enchanted Georgia Thumb


18 - 29 July 2024
4 Day Svaneti Mountain Trek

Vietnam "New year: New You"

29 Dec 2024 / 4 Jan 2025
7 Day Retreat