Imagine yourself transported to a realm of wonder as you step foot into the captivating expanse of Svaneti in north-western Georgia.

Here, nature’s masterpiece unfolds before your eyes, with majestic snow-crowned peaks reaching heights exceeding 4000m, creating a breath-taking tapestry against the sky.

Svaneti, nestled amidst the soaring peaks of the Caucasus, stands as the highest inhabited enclave in this mountain range. Its seclusion has acted as a guardian, preserving an authentic tapestry of culture, age-old traditions, and unspoiled splendour.

On our Enchanted Georgia Tour we include a special 4 day trek of this region but what can you expect on these 4 days?

Why July?

Mountains in Georgia, Svaneti Region.

The hiking season in this region runs from May to October. We travel in July as it is the height of the stunning summer wildflower season. Temperatures are relatively mild between 10 – 20 degrees Celcius.

Where will you stay?

Our journey kicks off in the bustling hub of Mestia. From here, we’re hitting the trail on foot, immersing ourselves in the rugged beauty that awaits.

Now, as we journey deeper into the heart of this adventure, we’ll find ourselves in charming little villages. And some of them, well, they’re like hidden gems, practically off the map for vehicles.

The guesthouses are basic and the group may be split across a few properties with different local families. It is likely your hosts will not speak English.

Whilst you’re still guaranteed to have your own bedroom, you’ll be sharing bathrooms and showers.

As we’re off the grid, hot water and power might have their moments of unpredictability. But hey, that’s all part of the rustic charm, right?

What will you eat?

The food at the guesthouses is traditional Svan cuisine.

Think of your heavier potato dumpling type dishes, lots of cheese and stew like meals.

Local distilled spirits are almost always offered! Your host family will ensure you are well prepared with packed lunch boxes which consist of fruit juice, boiled eggs, sandwiches and fresh fruit.

How fit do you need to be?

We class the trekking on this tour as ‘moderate’.

For us, moderate means trekking for five to eight hours per day and as long as you have a regular level of fitness and are in good health, this should be manageable for you.

Trekking through the Svaneti, being mountainous terrain, you can expect a lot of steady incline and decline.
Sometimes it can be muddy making it slippery or on shale.

There is also a fair bit of trail hiking through valleys. On day 6, we do have a challenging and long incline.

Alternate arrangements can be made for those wishing to skip a day of hiking.

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